Service At 10:00am


Veronica Helser – Children’s Ministry Director

Veronica has had a love for children since she was a child. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be teacher. She received her bachelor’s degree in education from Indiana University in 2001 and her master’s degree in education from Olivet University in 2006. She has taught for Warsaw Community Schools for sixteen years as a language arts teacher at Edgewood Middle School. She sees the public school as a mission field and an opportunity to show God’s love, mercy, and compassion on a daily basis.
Veronica has worked in children’s ministry since she was a teenager. She volunteered as a teacher in children’s church and helped organize programs for most of her teen and college years. She taught children’s dance for over ten years. She loved teaching kids to praise and worship through the art of dance. She worked with young people teaching bible studies and leading small groups. She joined the Board of Directors at Camp Destiny, a Christian-centered family summer camp. Today, she organizes programs and volunteers at the camp to create a wonderful camp experience for the 300 teens and children who attend. Veronica has a heart and passion for the children in Haiti. She and her husband were called to open a primary school in Desarmes, where kids did not have the opportunity to go to school. The school in Haiti celebrated its ten-year anniversary last year. Veronica travels twice a year to Haiti to register students for the school year and celebrate Christmas with the children. It is a huge blessing in her life. She adores the children in Haiti and knows God has a special calling for each of them. They have a great destiny.
Veronica is now organizing and running the children’s department at The Ruwm with help from amazing volunteers. She feels blessed to work with these children each week. She knows that God dearly loves these children and has amazing plans for them. She and her team see this calling to work with children as one of the greastest.